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By faith great people like Abraham had a child at old age and became the father of many nations. By faith, men like Kenneth Haggin got healed from their sick-bed. By faith, the people of God have broken barriers and achieved feats humanly impossible.

Unfortunately, many children of God suffer in their personal lives and have no solution to myriad of problem besetting their world.

But that will be a thing of the past for every participant at Enugu Faith Seminar, on Friday, 15th April, 2016, where a great teacher of faith, Pastor Poju Oyemade ministering.

In an interview with Brojid.com Editor, Joseph Dinwoke, the host pastor, Pastor Murphy Okpala, of The Cornerstone Church, expounded on the power of faith to change our lives and our world, gave insight on what the seminar is about and how you can participate.

Here is our conversation….

Thanks for joining me on Brojid.com Scriptural People. Let’s get to know you.

My name is Murphy Okpala, the Lead Pastor Cornerstone Church, Enugu. I love the word of God. I preach the word of God in a practical way that people will be empowered to live their lives effectively.

Brojid.com. Enugu Faith SeminarYou are the lead pastor of The Cornerstone Church. What does your church stand for?

We have a vision to raise a godly generation. By godly generation, I summarise it with the scripture from the book of Daniel that says, “Those that know their God will be strong, (even in troubled times) and do exploit.”

Three things that mark Godly people include: people of prayer, praise and worship. People of prayer have access to God and from there get wisdom to live their lives. People of praise always rejoice because they know that they have God on their side.

Enugu Faith Seminar is going to build individual   Christians to release the huge potentials that God has deposited in them in such a way that they will bring practical solutions to the challenges that they face every day;  not just in their lives but also in their environment.

We learnt that you are hosting the first ever Enugu Faith Seminar. What is it all about?


The majority of Christians are not aware of and have not started tapping into the unlimited resources that God had deposited in them. In 2 Cor 4, the Bible said that we have this treasure in earthen vessel. In other words,  every single Christian has treasure in them but what we see in church these days is that a lot of people depend on the anointing of a certain individual  – pastor, prophet  – to live their lives and their lives are now limited to what the  anointing in that person can actually express.

So, Enugu Faith Seminar is going to build individual   Christians to release the huge potentials that God has deposited in them in such a way that they will bring practical solutions to the challenges that they face every day;  not just in their lives but also in their environment. What God has actually called us to do is to bring practical solution to the world’s problems. Jesus came to meet the needs of humanity and so as his followers, we should have that attitude of meeting needs.

The key to releasing the treasures and solutions within us is faith. Faith is the connection between what the believer has in the unseen realm and what is manifested in the physical. Without faith you cannot access the grace of God to solve challenges in your life sand the society at large.

Please tell us about the minister for the seminar?

Pastor Poju Oyemade is the guest minister, he is someone I have watched over the years and have seen that he has grace for acceleration and how to practically apply faith in daily life in order to achieve superior result.

Brojid.com. Enugu Faith Seminar Banner

How much do I have to pay to participate?

You don’t have to pay anything to participate. All you need to participate is to come with firm expectation that you are going to meet God. The Bible said that the expectation of the righteous shall not be cut short. Don’t come to see Pastor Poju; instead come with firm expectation that God will meet you. If you come with that mindset, God will meet you through Pastor Poju.


What time and date is the seminar?

Enugu Faith Seminar is on the Friday, 15th of April at 5PM Prompt. There will also be Special Ministers Session on Saturday, 16th at 8.30 am. The venue is The Cornerstone Tent Akachukwu Springs Flyover at the foot of Trans Ekulu.

Editor’s Note: Pastor Murphy hosts Building on the Rock (BotRock) on Enugu’s Dream92.5FM and Solid 100.9FM where he shares the word of God that can transform your life. You can download his messages free on The Cornerstone Ministries website.

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