Insight from Insects: HOW TO GET GOD’S BEST

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Recently, I stumbled on a facebook post by Ifunanya Mbanefo, read it and it blessed me. I think it will also bless you.


Early this morning, I noticed something that taught me a spiritual lesson.


I opened my windows quite early and it was still dark outside. Because I had a white bulb in my room, it attracted insects despite the blinds. Most struggled so much to creep in because the window net was keeping them off, but they still did all they could to come in. Then, I pitied them.


They would soon be struggling to leave when it’s daybreak, when the sun is out.

Now they don’t want to wait for daylight because they saw an artificial light. But soon, the daylight will outshine the artificial light and they’ll struggle to leave only to realise that they’re stuck.


Now, let’s come to our lives. We sometimes hurry into where we shouldn’t go, just because we were attracted by a shadow of the real thing. We just can’t wait a little longer. But if we were a bit patient, we wouldn’t be trapped. Much more, we would have found out that the artificial thing was not more glorious than the real one at the long run.


We need patience!


You may say “How much longer?” I may not know exactly, but I know it will come. It is certain if you hold on. The sun will definitely be up, and sure will outshine the light bulb, and without traps.


Let’s be patient. Let’s hold on. The sun will soon be up! Anybody that puts his trust in God will not be shamed. God has answered that prayer for all who are in Christ (See Psalm 25:1-3).

So avoid the traps of sex outside marriage; of marrying the wrong person just because you can’t wait any longer; of doing the wrong thing just because the right one seems to take quite some time.


Remember Abraham and Sarah. At a time, Sarah couldn’t wait anymore for a child, and gave Hagar to Abraham. At the long run, she saw the consequences. Hagar looked down on her, and Ishmael mocked Isaac. She now wanted them gone (Genesis 16:4; 21:9).


Let’s be patient. Let’s hold on. The sun will soon be up!

Anybody that puts his trust in God will not be shamed. God has answered that prayer for all who are in Christ (See Psalm 25:1-3).


And remember Hebrews 6:12 “That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through FAITH and PATIENCE inherit the promises.

Be patient dear!




Ifunanya Mbanefo is a graduate of Psychology from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. She loves the Word of God and often spends time studying it, listening to Messages and reading Christian literatures. She also writes poems and has over fifty works in her anthology.

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