There is hardly anyone without the desire to make progress and achieve more success. However, while some put in their best, get equipped to become more effective at their work and increase their performance, some chose to pull people down so that they can rise. On BrojidStepUp today, I what to share with you the foolishness of pulling trying to pull people down and immunity to Pull-People-Down experts.

There is hardly any truly successful person whose secret to success is pulling others down. Some people may seem to have recorded some success; but it’s only temporary success because they are guaranteed of a crash once the time is due.

The foolishness of trying to pull people down (PPD) is that you keep yourself down in the process; you make no progress and it’s not even a guarantee that you will succeed at keeping anybody down.

People who have made serious impact in their generation, workplace and career have always focused on improving themselves, looking out for better strategies for efficiency at their work, not trying to bring down one person so as to rise. They are aware that a sure way of increase is growth; so they grow they abilities, capacities and efficiency in delivery.

My dear, you will rise faster on your job, get more clients, get better political or religious recognition if you withdraw from trying to pull people down and focus on delivering unique and exceptional value to your employer and customers and executing razor-sharp marketing strategies for your services, expertise or products. Pulling people down to rise is the lazy-easy way forward that’s not guaranteed of sustainable rise.

If your sense of satisfaction comes from pulling people down, its only name that differentiates you from the Devil himself. The Devil’s life work is to steal, kill and destroy. I am sorry if that sounds too harsh, but that’s the truth.

I understand that you may have one or two people trying to pull you down. Don’t let them make you stoop so slow to join their immaturity and madness. Don’t even waste your time trying to defend the lies they cook up against you, unless an explanation is demanded from appropriate quarters. Don’t waste your time wondering what they are plotting to do next; whatever they plot can’t do you jack! It won’t lead them anywhere!

Focus on your work and doing it with utmost excellence and you shall make their efforts futile. If the Pull-People-Down experts succeed is making you focus on them, they have distracted you from your true life work. Don’t allow that distraction. It’s too expensive!

Excellence in the discharge of your duties makes you better at your work and life and proves you even more useful to your employer. It helps you invalidate the lies they spread about you without saying a word.

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Please don’t ever forget: It is God alone who judges; He [not the one trying to pull you down] decides who will rise and who will fall (Psa. 75:7 NLT).

Nobody, even no matter how highly placed, close to the policy makers or influential in decision making in your work place, family or society, can successfully pull you down unless God decides that you will fall.

If you are a PPD expert, let me help you with this truth:

God is Judge who brings down people and elevates others. If you try to bring down anyone who God has not elevated, you set yourself against God. God will by himself crush you even without the knowledge or prayer of your target victim.

Some members of the king’s cabinet plotted to pull the biblical Daniel down; but they ended up going down with their wives and children in the Lion’s Den.

As you step out today, I implore you: withdraw all the plans and efforts to pull anybody down by any means whatsoever. You can’t make true progress that way. You may also be risking your life trying to pull down who God is lifting up!

Have a fulfilling day!

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Joseph Dinwoke

Chief Content Officer at Brojid World
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  • Huldah

    Wow, I was really blessed by this piece. It also helped deal with some of my fears. Thank you Sir. I want to know, you said we can only explain ourselves to the appropriate people if necessary, who are they?

  • Thanks Hulda, Good to know that you found this post useful.

    There are times that the PPD expert execute his craft by telling lies about you.

    I dont think you should mind them or try explaining to them.

    However, when authorities seek your explanation or comment on the allegation leveled against you, go ahead and do that.

    Do it as clear and intelligent as possible, without attaching the PPD person or with any tone of bitterness.

    I hope this helps.

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