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In life, we usually have plans of what we want to do and when to do it. We set goals and have clear-cut blueprint for achieving them.

But why pursuing our goals, we sometimes get stuck by forces beyond our control or even our mistakes. This gets us stagnated in the pursuit of our goals.

If you find yourself in this condition, you can either use it to your advantage or allow it become a disadvantage to you. What I want to share with you today on Scriptural Sense is how to use it to your advantage and avoid allowing it work against you.

Don’t Get Bitter about the Past and Your Mistakes

Sometimes, life gives you a stud because of a mistake of yours or other people. If you must convert that stud to your advantage, you need to ensure that you don’t dwell on your past. Forget about who may be responsible for the stud.

I understand that he has dealt with you wickedly and cheated you in business; therefore stagnated your business growth; but you need to let go. You need to forgive anybody or organization you perceive to be responsible to your stud.

You have made mistakes no doubt but you can’t keep mourning your mistakes. Look up and see the future ahead of you; a future of unlimited opportunities; opportunities to become all that you couldn’t be. Please forgive yourself and forge ahead.

I believe that Joseph had to keep his past aside so that he can move on That’s why he could see a depressed person and have the mind to ask him why he is not looking fine. He interpreted dreams and was so good a leader in his stagnated phase that the prison warder left him with responsibility of leading other prisoner. Wherever, life stagnation keeps you, look around and take advantage of the opportunities around you to get better and bless lives. Be of use to anybody you can; that may be what God needs to move you to where you really belong.

Forgiving them frees you to face the future and forge ahead. Unforgiveness traps you in your past and clamp your wing from flying high. Forgive those that ill advised you and those that failed to advise you at all.

You have made mistakes no doubt but you can’t keep mourning your mistakes. Look up and see the future ahead of you; a future of unlimited opportunities; opportunities to become all that you couldn’t be. Please forgive yourself and forge ahead.

Don’t Give Up in Your Pursuit

Don’t give up in your pursuits in life because of stagnation. If you do, it means you have surrendered as a failure. God forbid! You are not a failure. You have the seed of God in you and that’s what makes you a success. Success is encoded in your spiritual DNA.

I understand that the temptation to give up may come very strong. Events around you may paint a very gloomy picture of tomorrow for you and Satan will begin to minister to you to give up. Don’t give in to it. Stand your ground until God wins in your life.

Am I saying it’s easy to stand your ground and never give up in the face of adversity? No! It was not easy for me but you need to strengthen yourself to withstand the pressure to give up. It wasn’t easy to me. But you need to strengthen yourself to withstand the pressure to give up.

Many great people we celebrate in life were once stagnated; but they refused to give up on life until they become very great. Prof Chukuwma failed out of medical school but today is an economics genius. Joseph was stagnated by the virtue of his prison experience but he refused to give up on life. He pressed on!

Acquire Strength to Move the Stud

Let me explain something to you. I choose to liken life studs as force resting your movement. Just like friction, which we were taught us in basic science, resists movement. To make progress, you have to acquire a force higher than one resisting you. You have to build up strength to overcome the resistance and move forward.

You have planned to gain admission into school at certain point in your life but get stagnated because JAMB jammed you. Life has given you a stud that will stagnate your academic movement. Or you graduated for years and have been at home because of unemployment. One of the keys to resisting this and stepping into where you belong is by acquiring strength against it. You may have to study harder, smarter or more strategically. You may have to get better equipped to increase your employ-ability or ability to start employing people.

Remove the Stud

Sometimes, the stagnation of life results from your weakness or capabilities. In that case, the way forward is to acquire strength and become more capable. Take a step to develop capacity until you can overcome the force that stopped you.

Maybe you have not been able to get admission because you have failed to concentrate and study enough to scale through, remove the stud by spending time in purposeful and in-depth study.

Maybe why God hasn’t sent you a husband is that you are not qualified to be a wife and or mother. You have the wrong mindset about a husband. You have imbibed common views about child training which hasn’t produced good children. Remove the stud by learning what God wants mothers and wives to do. Begin to train yourself to be able to do it.

Whatsoever you do that had stagnated you, stop doing it and begin to do what you should so as to move away the stud.


Maybe the stud in your business is that you have not learnt management or you are doing your business in a manner that God disapproves of, remove the stud by learning to do your business God’s way. Take a course an improve your marketing skills and management acumen.

Whatsoever you do that had stagnated you, stop doing it and begin to do what you should so as to move away the stud.

Take Advantage of the Stud

Make the stagnation work for you. Use the opportunity to develop capacity that will launch you far higher that you would have without the stud. Usually the studs of life keep you from doing what you would have been doing on a normal day. It may keep you from what you would have loved to. It keeps you at home; despite that you wanted to work. It keeps you writing carryover when you should have graduated.


I know but for a minute look at it from this perspective. You have been denied of what you desire but have been given a powerful key – time. Put that time to productive use. Use it to develop your capacity. Use it to draw closer to God. Use it to get closer to your family.

In my plant biochemistry class, I learnt a very important lesson about growing plants that you and I should apply in dealing with life stagnation. While growing out from the ground, if plants encounter an obstacle, they don’t stop growing; they slow down and synthesis hormone required for growth until they push away earth to come up. Now, that you are stagnated, utilize it to gain strength.

Now that JAMB has stagnated you, maximise it to acquire skill or computer knowledge.

Now that all the girls are saying no, use it to build your career. Now that no man is looking in your direction, use it to prepare for motherhood.

Let your stagnation build resilience in you. Let it make you humble; but not extinguish your drive to succeed.

No matter the stagnation you encounter in life, don’t let it take away your drive to succeed. Don’t it weaken or kill your self esteem. Forgive yourself or anybody that must have contributed to giving you stud. Forgive so that you can forge ahead to get the great future ahead of you. Acquire strength to rise about the factor that caused the stagnation. Profit from your season of stagnation.

May God help you and I to profit from your stagnation and take the right steps to overcome it in Jesus name.

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