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In life, some persons are described as highly placed whereas others are dubbed lowly placed. However, it’s a reality that people move from their lowly placed level to highly placed levels, and vice versa. In this exhortation, I want to share with you my understanding of spiritual mechanism by which change of level occurs; thus showing you the way of being enthroned and remaining enthroned.

Because of the foundational text for this exhortation and most of the references I will use, I’d like to remind you that in Rom 15:4, Paul wrote that stories written in the Scriptures were written for our learning. My point? Based on studies on how God related with his people in the past and other scriptural principles, I will share with you the way to change your level.



Now, if you have your Bible, turn to Psalm 75:6-7. I’m reading from the New Living Translation. “For no one on earth – from east or west, or even from the wilderness – can raise another person up”. Let me stop here for now. From this verse you have seen clearly that change of levels does not result by any man’s effort irrespective of where the person comes from. You have seen that your lifting in life does not come from the man you know or don’t know. You have seen that it is useless running after any man thinking you will be lifted from your present level to a higher one by him. You have also seen that it’s foolishness dropping your godly values because you want to please a highly placed person you think will lift you.


Listen, I know you have seen it happen that it appears that people are lifted by one connection they have or someone that they are related to. Therefore, you are finding it a bit difficult accepting the word of God that there is no man anywhere that can raise another up. Please be informed once again that the word of God is true and cannot be refuted. It stands strong every time and history attests to its authenticity. The people that seems to have been lifted by man are those who God has destined for lifting; the human beings in the lifting process are simply instruments. When people try to work against God in lifting whom God wants to be down only end up buying sorrows for themselves.


As I go on in this exhortation, I will show how it’s God and not human that lifts and brings down as well.


Again, there is no human placed anywhere that can cause you to rise or fail if you are of faith in Christ Jesus! When the time for a man’s lifting or humiliation comes, God arranges events of life and human beings to bring it to pass.


Now, how does the lifting or bringing down happen? Go back to our text Scripture, verse 7. “It is God alone who judges; he decides who will rise and who will fail”. Hope you have seen it? It’s God alone that decides, initiates and completes the lifting or humiliation of any man.

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When God decides that the time for a man’s lifting or humiliation has come, He arranges events of life and human beings to bring it to pass.


Like I said earlier, history attests to the fact that God is the one that can lift and humiliate. Nebuchadnezzar is a strong man that exemplifies the fact that God indeed lifts and humiliates. In Daniel chapter 4, it was recorded that in the comfort of his palace, King Nebu was humiliated. He was the king of the most powerful nation of the world but at the point to change his level, God did it perfectly. “Nebuchadnezzar was driven from human society. He ate grass like cow and he was drenched with the dew of heaven….” Dan 4:33


My friend listen, any man, no matter how highly placed, can be very lowly placed when God decides; his powers and abilities notwithstanding.



King Pharaoh is another man that God humiliated and ruined despite his great military power and position in relation to the World Power. Before his dethronement proper, God told Moses, “I have planned this so I will receive great glory at the expense of Pharaoh and his armies” (Ex 14:4). Guess what? Of all the Egyptians who had chased the Israelite into the sea, not a single one survived (Ex 14:28). God decided his destruction, planned and arranged events of life to bring it to pass.


Again, “It is God alone who judges; He decides who will rise and who will fail.”


Please know that, God does not only bring down, He also lifts people from lowly places to highly places. He changes people’s story from bad to good. He can still do it in your life today.


See, it’s not a matter of where you are at the time you desire a change of level. Once He decides He set spiritual and physical forces to bring about your lifting.


Hear Hannah’s testimony, “The Lord brings both death and life… The Lord makes one poor and another rich; he brings one down and lifts another up. He lifts the poor from the dust…placing them in seats of honour” (1 Sam 2:6-8 NLT).


But how it is that God can do all these things?

“For all the earth is the LORD’S and he set the world in order” (Psa. 24:1).


He changed Hannah’s level from bareness to mother of children. He moved Joseph from the comfort and love of his father, Jacob (Gen 37:3) to slavery and imprisonment, then to the throne.


He changed Jabez’s level and enlarged his coat and made him great. David was just a shepherd boy but God changed his levels and brought him to international prominence. (2 Sam. 6:21)


Daniel and his friends were captured due to war but God brought them to the palace despite odds. Even when Daniel was removed from the throne, God brought him back.


God does not just lift people for no reason. Space will fail me to share the factors that leads to his lifting and humiliationbut know that, lifting and humiliation is a result of judgment. As an example, it is a scriptural truth that pride goes before a fall. Therefore, when a highly placed leader, student or youth becomes proud, his humiliation is on the way. That’s God’s judgment. Also, when God was looking for a leader that can save the Israelite from Goliath and lead them, he saw a young man with the heart  and a little skill(slinging) who has developed faith in Him and lifted him to be King.



My friend listen, God can take you from your present condition to a higher level. Stop looking at your current academic, financial or family state; they cannot stop God when He sets to lift you. Stop running around sinners compromising your godly values, looking for their favour; you don’t need it. The favour of Satan’s deputy will do you more harm than good. No man can lift you if God has not! Follow God no matter what. In due season, He will enthrone you. Pastor Bankie rightly said, “The glory that man gives lasts a short while; they can withdraw it anytime (and God can remove it too), but the one that God gives lasts and lasts and lasts. It lasts into your life after death, and even spreads unto your children’s children.”


Do you desire a change of level? Begin to take scriptural steps such that when God passes judgment on them, it will bring you to the level you desire. The first and most important is to accept Jesus Christ’s death as the payment for all your sins and submit to his Lordship. As you study the Scripture, you will locate and take other steps that will lead you to uplifting while avoiding those that will lead to a downfall. I hope you got my point.


Now open your mouth and begin to talk to God….


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