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Almighty God, I thank you for Nigeria. God, I thank you because even though we have not got to where we really want to be, we are not where we used to be.

God bless Goodluck Jonathan, at least for his attitude in the twilight of his administration. He may have done certain things wrong but for his peaceful attitude, bless him. For allowing himself be used for peaceful and acclaimed free and fair election, bless him.

God, I hand over President Muhammadu Buhari into your care. Almighty God make him do your will; not the will of his or any party.

Many people have asked, if Buhari knows you. I really don’t know but, I believe you KNOW him. Many Centuries ago (Isa 45:1-3), you choose a man called Cyrus to do your will. Cyrus did not know you but you knew him and CHOOSE him.


Like Cyrus, may you take hold of President Muhammadu Buhari right hand to help him capture the enemies of our great nation Nigeria and remove cabals of corruption and backwardness from power. May City gates of favour and efficiency open for him.


As you lead him, may you level mountains and break the iron bars on bronze gates of cities and cabals before Nigeria’s progress.


May you give him treasures hidden in dark and secret places so that he will know that you, the LORD God of Israel, have called him by name.


God, you recall that when you sent Mosses to build a house for you, you sent men like Bezalel who is skilled and filled with wisdom and Holy Spirit as his co-worker. Please send the right men in the cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Because of the stubbornness of Pharaoh, his people in Egypt suffered the ten plagues. God please deliver our President, Muhammadu Buhari from any lifestyle that will plunge us in  darkness. Please save him from bad advisers. Save him from evil party members. One man who said he is a prophet once predicted that Nigerians may stone him after six months. God, make that prophet a liar. A governor predicted that he will die; God please keep him not only alive but fit until he fulfils your will for Nigeria.

Nigeria shall have peace and enjoy prosperity. Nigerians are expecting good from this era. May our expectation not be cut short. You, not Buhari or APC is our hope. May they willing servants in your hands.

I order for all these because Jesus has paid so that whatever I order in His name will be granted. May you grant it to us in Jesus name.



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