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This week, at, I have a guest minister that has a winning wisdom for you, an aspiring wife. Having observed him for over 12 months now in his ministry, he doesn’t minister to ladies but his coming out to minster to them at this point suggest to me he must have been given a message by the Lord for you.  And he really has!!! Believe me, it’s deep wisdom that will help you maximize your phase now and free you from many hassle people go through in marriage. At this point, let’s make welcome to the podium, Bro Philip Asuquo from

Dear “Someone’s Future Wife”,
Instead of jumping from Toyota to Range Rover, from hotel room to bedrooms, etc

Why don’t you enroll for catering courses to improve how you cook or learn how to cook new delicacies?

Why don’t you join one of these network marketing product lines like – AIM Global, Forever Living Products, LongRich Intl, GNLD, etc. and make money while building a network of friends/clients?


Why don’t you take up a cause and lend your voice to it?


Why don’t you join a department in church and serve? Why don’t you volunteer to teach children at the orphanage?


Why don’t you join or come up with an NGO that will help sensitize the society on a particular societal ill?



Why don’t you teach primary/secondary school students lessons and get paid for it?


Why don’t you look for a female professional – actress, lawyer, presenter, fashion designer, writer, make-up artiste,doctor etc -you admire that could be your mentor and see how you can be of help to her work while you learn from her?


Why don’t you start a blog? Why don’t you plan and attend seminars/trainings within and outside your locality – do you know that some of them are free?


Dear “Someone’s Future Wife”, don’t think only in vain lines about yourself. Envision what you’d like your husband/children to be proud of about you while single, and do it!

Why don’t you start that dream boutique, make-up/hair studio, consulting outfit, event management/rental company, interior/exterior decoration outfit, etc? You can always start by joining an already existing one and working with them for some time.

The experience from the above listed things will be cool to bring to a matrimonial home than countless heartbreak and bad experiences from guys, married and unmarried men!

Truth? You can continue doing those positive things and profit from them after marriage. Will you continue hopping from car to car and bed to bed after marriage?

Don’t be limited in your thinking. Think ahead and build strong and maturely.

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