If you pursue your career, you will make impact  on our society and etch your name on the sand of time. But if that career of yours gets killed, you won’t have a chance. In this post, Joseph ‘Brojid’ Dinwoke   highlights how you can discover traits of career killers and how to handle them.


I believe you have a career; a great one which if you focus on and make the most of, you will make a positive and lasting impact on the earth. How do I know? God created you to execute an assignment which when done properly will make our  world a better place. The pursuit of that purpose will lead you  into a career. But all the great potentials of pursing your career will not see the light of the day if it gets killed.

Today, I want to show you traits of career killers and how to manage them.


Career killers usually show up early because that’s the easiest time to kill it. They may not realise that they are killing your career. They may be people who are truly concerned about your progress. They maybe people who want the best for you. But if their words and actions make you want to give up on the career which will result in fulfilling your purpose on the earth, they are career killer.

Usually, they love and they think they are showing you the path to the best of life. But the truth is that there is no path you will take that will be the best for you; if it’s not the onc God has delineated for you.

In fact, the path they are showing is the one they believe is the best based on what we have seen. They couldn’t see that God is the source of wealth, fame and honour. So, they want you to take that career path that they believe will give you all those.

Try as much as possible to explain to them why you have resolved to take your career path, if your are sure that it’s the best career path for you. If they choose not to see reason; go ahead with it. They may deny you of support and offer you doses of discouragement but if you focus and concentrate, your success will make shut up.


Another set of career killers are loafers. In every career area, there are people who accidentally came in and are not committed to getting to the top. For them, in as much as they are getting their daily bread from their job, they are OK. So, they don’t make effort to improve on their skill or update their knowledge in their career. Beware of them. Regular interaction and imbibing of their values may rob off on you and you will be confined to their mediocrity world.

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Leave them. Focus on your goal to the peak of your career. You may be a new comer in that career but continue upgrading your knowledge and getting better on your job. They may call you ambitious; that’s their opinion and they are entitled to it.


One other set of career killers are people who write you off. They look at your raw talent and conclude that you can’t be refined and be made better. Some will tell you in your eyes that you are not good enough.

Ignore career killers. Face your career. Look out for the big guys and learn from them. Even if you can’t meet them one-on-one, read their books, interviews and books. Listen to their speeches. They will inspire you to great heights!

I heard that Operah winfrey was told that her voice was not good. The Williams sisters were told that they don’t have a chance in tennis.  But these guys are flying high.

Ignore career killers. Face your career. Look out for the big guys and learn from them. Even if you can’t meet them one-on-one, read their books, interviews and books. Listen to their speeches. They will inspire you to great heights!

When he turned 25 as a Disc Jockey, DJ Jimmy Jatt was interview by The Sun. In that interview, he pointed out that one of the things that propelled him to succeed is the desire to prove those who predicted failure for him wrong. The same applies to Ali Baba.

These guys were criticized. Their careers were almost killed but they stuck to their guns until their success became undeniably glaring.

Don’t give up! Refuse to be demoralized by career killers. Keep at it; God will send you help!


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