Better New Year in Your Hands

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Your desire for a better a New Year can become a reality and you have a role to play to translate your goals and desires into reality. On BrojidStepUp today, I want to share with you how you can create the better New Year you desire.


Everyone desires a better New Year; but New Year doesn’t come by desires alone; you have to work it out. If it comes by desires alone; all those who write big goals would have the best of Year end. But you and I know all of them don’t.


The truth of life is for the New Year you want to have, you have the power in your hands to create and make it a reality. It’s not exactly depended on any other person; but you! You owe it to yourself to invest all that you have to, control your body and programme to fit into creating the New Year you desire.


One key thing you have to do to experience a better new is to get goals on where you want to be at the end of the year. Setting goals gives you a picture of where you want to be and propels you to stretch yourself, reach out for more and experience the change you really desire in every area of your life.


When you set goals; don’t count on luck to achieve your goals; get down working to achieve your goals. Luck doesn’t happen to people who are sitting down waiting for it; it happens to those who are out tilling their ground.


Define all that you need to do to get the goals you have for the New Year and get down to work to do it. No goals or resolution get actualized by writing it on paper or pasting it on your wall. You have to take the next step of doing all you need to do to make them reality.



I understand that there is a place for prayers; but prayers alone don’t suffice. There is place of prayer and place for work. God, by his words, brought light on the earth full of darkness; but when he wanted to make man, he rolled up his sleeves, picked mud and started molding man.  There are things you can create with your words of prophesy and prayer; but there is a place of getting down to work.


You can’t sit down and be crying to God for financial breakthrough. Pick the word of God and confess the word of prosperity and believe it in your heart. But don’t stop there. Your prayers and words of prophesy releases blessings of financial abundance in the air for you; you need to get down to the works of your hands. That’s where the blessing comes.



Don’t stop at praying, professing and claiming God’s promises; get down and starting your baking business. Get down and start that extra mural classes. Go back to work as a school teacher and do your work well. Get back to building construction site and serve masons for a day pay.



Whatever, you have believed God for, set goals for and made resolution about, don’t stop there. Find out the things you need to do on your own to get it. It’s not your labours that bring about blessings; it’s the platform through which God blesses you.

My point?


Your better New Year in entirely in your hands; take steps today to create it. No one has as much power in making this year a fruitful one for you as much as you do. Take steps today to create that future!



PS: You can listen to my podcast on his subject HERE.


May your day be super productive!

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